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I hadn't really thought of doing them as Twins. I figured the beetle probably wasnt getting changed much, atleast until i know more about the collector values.
Maybe replace broken windshield, or put new rubber belt on engine, maybe fix antenna hole in fender. A proper decklid maybe with standoff hinges might be good, or hang a chrome aircooled with open headers, but it's pretty stock and looks nice.

The 1960s car haulers i'm leaning toward are more of a Single-axle light weight tube trailer that's really not all that much more than a set of ramps, spreader bars, and a tongue. Axle sets center or further aft to get it balanced for that car and keep tongue weight happy.

I guess having a trailer all comes back to *can i get the ride height up enough* to tow anything? I did a little more rear body lift at the bumper/chassis, and I've basically run out of adjustment. Next would be slamming the transaxle through the chassis. I don't know if she can get enough air under to not have a goofy unsafe looking tongue angle.

Going off motor size, this Split should have more power than the Bay-window, i dunno how much more weight that one could manage.
The bay is good for a teardrop, and that's about it. Cd-rom drives tray in/out motor isn't really up to bus and trailer, on hills or bridges. So, probably still pretty scale.

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