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lol she sounded like she was having a heck of a time with it, runs nicely on the smoothy too!.
yes, she really likes them. can't wait to get a truly smooth surface to try these out on. ya never realize how rough asphalt is until you try out something like this.

Looks to be a hoot. sounds and looks like you all had a great time, Way to go Louie. Congrats on the first build. Now you need to lay down and get some close up drive by's. Keep it coming.
Bro, your OPTIMISTIC!!! """first build""""yerrr funny!!hahaha thanks but im just a fat lazy keyboard builder. know the steps to do what i want, but never can find the time or space to do so. I truly hope to actually do some building once i get moved. promise, once the girls get a bit better, i'll get try to get some down low and close video.

Took the girls to park sunday afternoon, we tried to run it in the parking lot but the wind was cutting all of us in half. it was just frigid. BUT IT IS ALL GOOD, BOTH DAUGHTERS WERE *****FIGHTING***** to see who would get to drive first. i was so happy to see this, my oldest actually making a fuss because she WANTED to drive. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, score 1 for the dum Bass!!!!! something R/C that my older girl shows some interest in. coooool. local dollar general stores have some plastic toy bikes on shelf right now so i picked up a few. figuring maybe a rebody for one of the rc's.

#2 of 3 arrived today. here's a few quickies. of course the mini version of *she who must be obeyed* just HAD to be in some of the pics. the yeller suzuki with the ducati rider is the toy. the new repsol came with a complete ducati body kit, wheels and rider, has aluminum forks and medim tires already installed. can't wait to try this one out.
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