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Glad your still plugging away at the CNC side of tooling. It will suck you in and never let go. Looks like you already have a solution that beats any home brew option you could get into... Congrats!

The cyclone is a neat little machine. The one on the right is a friend of mines, it was one of the first things he printed once he got is 3d printer built. He said it's hard to do really fine pcb with it though as it flexes too much, fine for normal stuff though.

I went for a custom one (on the left) that I've designed from scratch as a design project and used spare frame I had lying around. I still have to replace the proto bed with a 1/4" alum one. The bed was made on a Shapoko 3, out of your stated budget but a nice machine for the price. 2 of my buddies in town each bought one.
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