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Nice. That's good to know about the Cyclone. The boards I'd be making need some very precision traces, so lack of accuracy from tool flexing would definitely be a problem.

Here's what my rig looks like out of the box:

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And the accessories:
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I inherited this from my older brother. They were introduced to the market in 2000, and this one was purchased in '02. New, they were $4,500, and even today they go for about half that on eBay. I got mine pro gratis. I understand that he had replaced it with something larger and more precise. Before he retired it and sent it to me, it spent most of its time being a 3D probe scanner.

It has a work area of 8" x 6", with Y travel of about 2-3/8". It's designed to do very high precision work - far more precise than even my PCBs will need. (I'm positive it uses servos, not steppers.) For now it's been boxed back up, and I really don't know when I'll get around to working with it. Probably after the first of the year. I had planned on getting it up and running at the beginning of September.
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