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I did actually do something today.

My instrument leds arrived today and was pronto installed.

Headlight switch before (all 3 bulbs blown)

After (pain to take pictures of)

Climate control before (2 of 3 bulbs blown)


The climate control was a bit pain, since there is really no space to get the unit out.
First you remove the knobs and then the panel on the control unit.
4 scews at each corner holds the unit in place.
Then you have to lift the vent section, at the same time you try to maneuver it clear of the slots on bottom and at top of the unit.
At the same time you have to bendt the lower radio facia without breaking anything.
And on the control unit there is a connecter on either side and a vent tube.

Fitting the bulbs on the light switch was a breeze.
On the climate control unit, not so much.
I ended up taking off the back panel and using a plier to get the new ones in.
The new bulbs have a very shallow slot for a screwdriver, non of my screwdrivers really worked and they looked like a beaver had a party when I was done
I'm glad I ordered 10 leds as one went missing and one was destroyed.
On the light swtch I manage to fit two of the bulbs the correct way round, on the climate control, all 3 was fitted the wrong way round the first time lol.
That's why you test before putting it all back

For now I use these cheap leds, but later I want to order some good ones.
Have found a site with loads to choose from, both regular bulbs and led bulbs.

Volvo ones are short Neo Wedge 4.2 for the healight switch and long ones for the climate control.
The are very expensive for what the are, over 10 bucks each at the Volvo counter desk.
Volvo use a regular glas bulbs with a blue rubber hat on them.
I may try to use the blue hats on the new bulbs in the light switch as they are a bit too bright and the climate control has about the color and shiny of what they should look like.

At least I can see the controls now

But one strange thing happend during the installment today.
Due the coldness here today I kept the engine running to get some heat (no garage), and after a while the engine suddenly got to about 4k rpm for 5-10 seconds or so.
A few minutes later the engine died and would not run on idle and nor at any rpm after a few atempts.

I rang my Volvo mate and he told me to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and then try.
The battery was then re-connected and the engine did run sweet as a pie.

Hmmm, strange.....
Maybe my engine don't like to run on idle for a longer period of time.
Plenty of fuel, charging works and no engine codes so it work as it should.

But happy it just was something happen once for a strange reason.

Next will be getting the roof spoiler ready for paint.

Oh it has been winter here and it works good on snow and ice, even with the cheap winter tires fitted.
Picture from Sunday

R.I.P Ole (8th Oct 2012)

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