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Yes, I made some of the plugs out of solid pine blocks and a belt sander ,side panels and floor plugs are plywood .The vacuum table only takes an hr to put together . I just plug the table into the house vacuum and heat the plastic in the oven for 3 min . A 4x8 sheet of the styrene material cost around $30 and would be enough for 3 bodies . takes a bit of trial and error to learn . but I could repeat the process and make a new body in about a hr for $10 once you have the bugs worked out . I didn't think I would like the styrene as much as fiberglass but I find it looks much more like metal panels when formed . when using the .060 material it is very solid . I am also waiting for a HP407 kit to come in , it's a cheap kit that won't hurt my feelings to bash for parts . it has a frame and leaf spring setup very much like the CJ uses . I will just need to modify the three speed transmission to accept the Toyan gas engine .
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