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I personally don't like 1/10th scale. True 1/10th scale bodies are virtually nonexistant. Your wheel choises are very limited. There are only a few axles you can use if you want to build anything that even remotely looks like a real vehicle.

Give me 1/8th scale any day. You can use both 1.9 (approx 15") or 2.2 (approx 17") wheels and not look like a mallcrawler. There are more axles to put under your vehicle than you can shake a stick at and not be extremely too wide. Want a stock looking 1/8th scale vehicle? Sure thing put some yota axles under it. Or even scx10 if you are building a full size truck. Want a scale looking extreme crawler? Build it on a set of wraith axles. Bodies? Vaterra Blazer is close so are the axial Dingo and Cherokee. Not to mention several newbright bodies.

BTW the tf2 is very close to true 1/9th scale...
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