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Yep and again "scale" is a relative term, they can say a hilux and a f350 are 1/10 based on overall dimensions not true 1/10th scale of the 1:1's. hilux is like 1/9 and f350 is around 1/12 but since both are within their size guidlines they just call them 1/10. I also doubt if the width x length x height is all exactly correct on most of these. I agree that a larger scale can sometime be easier to build with given available parts but at same time does that really matter for a rtr truck like this? I'm sure bodies are/will be avail to fit it and you will be able to adjust WB with little work like any of the solid axle linked rc's. I dont see too big of a deal no matter what scale it is, it looks like it works good out of box and is a new option for people.
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