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Default Junkyard Stance Sand Scorcher, Sump Guard

Next up, some protection from the bottom of the flat six engine, the Sump Guard - Here is my design

Name:  01_nd_JY-S_SS_ArtWork_ENGINE-Sump-Guard_onWhite_A1.jpg
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Size:  88.5 KB

And the printed nylon part, in primer - Though I may well look at a cast metal material for this, going forward

Name:  02_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_8639.JPG
Views: 1018
Size:  97.2 KB

Name:  03_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_8642.JPG
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Size:  93.8 KB

offered up to the engine assembly

Name:  04_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_8643.JPG
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Size:  86.8 KB

The holes in the Sump Guard and Engine Block were enlarged to suit the hardware

Name:  05_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_8648.JPG
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Size:  85.8 KB

Name:  06_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_8647.JPG
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And fitted in place

Name:  07_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_8650.JPG
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Size:  82.6 KB

Name:  08_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_8657.JPG
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Size:  80.3 KB

Here's the upturned engine, Sump Guard on

Name:  09_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_8671.JPG
Views: 1023
Size:  90.8 KB

and the bottom/rear view

Name:  10_Junkyard_Stance_Sand_Scorcher_IMG_8655.JPG
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Size:  92.4 KB

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