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Originally Posted by Trini2DBone View Post
Hey there mate!
Havenít really done anything more to the Sandman, although there are somethingís left to the dashboard gauges and emblems and the front turn signals etc... started building 2 more panel van bodies as well as 2 Monaros. Got a sample chassis that I want to mold and replicate for the bodies as they will all be RWD cars. Also started to put together a couple of station wagons

Yeah been quiet on the forums ... also I havenít been doing anything much on Facebook..... but winter will soon be here and thatís when I do most of my building...
Hey Preston! Nice to hear from you. I would really like to see what you do for chassis with the 2WD ones! I don't like facebook, I much prefer the forums with information not ending lost in a seemingly unorganized way. Hopefully I too get more hobby time soon with the winter!
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