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Stomper- After some research on scale sizes, I believe 1/43 would be the way to go to keep a nice scale look for such a small vehicle. I would love to do a tahoe/ suburban build, being that I drive an 08' suburban personally.
However, I have always had an interest in the more boxy style suv's. I dont want to go very conventional, like land rover, or a typical jeep. I'd want to do something a little more "out there" ..... I've been considering like a 55' jeep willys station wagon/ pickup, or like a VW "thing"... I'm too undecided right now and just trying to find "The One".

Frizzen- I'm looking to do a more scale/ trail crawler with capability. I don't want the wheels to be stupidly over sized, but I don't want it to turn out looking like a stock vehicle. I'd Like to get as true to scale as possible, but I'm not going to lie... Working in this scale is very frustrating yet satisfying all in the same. I also don't have electronics yet, which could change the whole game on body style, considering the size.

BTW... Could someone tell me how to change the title of my thread once I start an actual "build"?
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