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Thanks for all the good comments guys

I'm gonna try and answer all the questions in order now.....

Sorry, sadly I lost all the early build pics, plans and all but one former in a house fire.... I was gutted....and so was my home!! I will do some more pics of the build so far during the week tho.

This build has never been on any forum before so nobody missed out, even late crawlers... Lol

The MDF is actually really easy and nice to work with, the Land Rover helps by being pretty slab sided too, I cut the rough shape with a jigsaw then sand to the exact shape. Stuff like the bonnet and roof formers are a sandwich of 6mm sheets cut and shaped, takes elbow grease and a bit of time.

As I mentioned in the first post, it will get new wheels and narrower axles later in the build (when I have some spare money!!!)

IKke, it would be rude not to tell you about this thread!! You and pardonmyn00b are both right, the 0.5mm Ali is thin enough just to push over the former but beating does come into it too! Generally I fold the first edge in a vice then tease the piece over larger parts with my hands and tap the other edges over to keep it tight. Corners do get hit quite a bit but the MDF will take a fair amount of tapping and it does mark (not dent) the Ali a little. For the outer front wings I also made a negative mould using milliput and pressed the panels. Will be pressing the bonnet too so will show that more in detail later.

When I started the build I wanted to get all the panel joins visible so I decided to make each panel separately, this simplifies panel making but means I have a lot of bits to bolt together!! There will be a little bit of glue on some of the roof seems and detail parts but it's mostly nuts and bolts......very small ones

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