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Cleaned up the north side of the basement

Quite a hunk of iron this old dirt lump crusher is... what to do with it???

Started digging in the NE corner, super moist here, easy digging, this is where I had a 3/4" plywood that the dirt lump crusher conveyed its spoils onto.

Haul the wet dirt over to dump in the deep pit in the SE corner

Gonna start digging around the pit soon, using a hand drill with a 1/2" bit, drilled holes into the rock hard clay so I could rip & dig a trench for water soaking.

Rain showers in the SW corner too start digging here again soon.

Had a lil blow out with the left track drive last Friday, bout killed me to carry that heavy bytch all the way back up to the shop for repairs... broke an ear off on one side of the dog clutch, somehow caused a total lock up & smoked the motor in mere seconds... fortunately I got all spare parts in inventory, rebuilt the track drive yesterday.

After having spent much of the wkend flat on my back from carrying that JD850 to the workshop, start building a lowboy today for the 4206 to pull to haul it back.
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