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-27C this morning Got a B train coming today for brown mustard, hope my auger starts.

My utube channel got mentioned on some one's "stream" last Sunday, picked up 3400 subs & 600K views in the last week... utube kicked me out of their "Partnership Program" a yr ago b/c I didn't meet one of their requirements, 4000 watch hrs/year... they didn't pay me the $1100usd in ad revenue I built up either... probably missed out on another grand or more this week... my channel is on several news sites & blogs again last week, everybody making money off my hobby & I've never made a cent!

Did some digging & hauling yesterday, filled up the X4 HiTec charger in just a couple hrs.

Now I have maxed out my Data for this month, 4 days before the next reset.

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