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Help wanted! New to the forum? Start here.

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Old 03-19-2009, 03:03 PM
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Default Welcome to scale4x4

If you're new, this is the place to post!

Just as a guide please make sure you have read the forum rules:


If you need help/have a problem with the board, post here or contact an Admin or Moderator.

if in doubt use the view forum leaders tag at the bottom of the forums list:
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Old 03-19-2009, 03:14 PM
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Administrator - Professor Spoon! I have Evil Powers, and I teach! Mwuhahaha
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Location: Inside your PC stealin your megahurtz...
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In Addition to the above post:

All new users to the forums have slightly restricted access - we have a buy/sell/trade area but in order to avoid scammers and automated programs spamming us with adverts for cheap viagra and cell phones etc, we have had to introduce a grace period before allowing new members to trade via the board.

As a result a new user requires to have been a member of the board for one year and have posted 300 times before they will be automatically promoted to the usergroup "regulars" which has full BST access. Deliberate spamming of the forums to reach 50 posts with one word replys that dont add anything at all is considered a bannable offence. The BST access is a privilege and should it be abused access to it, and or membership of this board can be removed. No exceptions.


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Old 03-19-2009, 08:07 PM
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General Rules and Guidelines

Basically this is a family oriented site. Keep language, images, posts, etc PG-13. No Flaming will be tolerated, if you have a problem with a member, contact a mod or admin. Do not attack someone on the board by making a post.

We will follow 3 strikes and you're out rule! We are not responsible for anything posted on this board by our members, we are also not responsible for any buy/sell/trade transactions by our members!

New members are not allowed to post in the Buy/Sale/Trade area until they have accumulated 300 posts or been a member for one year. Read more about that here.

General Guidelines for Posting

1: English is the official language of Scale4x4RC.us. No LEET-speak, please. It's hard to read for everybody except you. We do not recognize words like "wut" or "teh". We have many users from overseas, and if they can post in plain English, so can you. Frankly, LEET-speak makes you look like an idiot.

2: Caps Lock Off: We can hear you. There's no need to shout.

3: RESPECT OTHER USERS! We work hard to make this a friendly forum, and we have a tolerant attitude for just about anything you want to post here, as long as it's RC-related and not offensive. When you start dissing people, we're going to dis you. Keep it up and we'll dis you right outta here.

4: Impaired users, please don't post. If you're drunk, or high, or some combination thereof, just sleep it off. You ever take a chick home that looks really hot, and the next morning she looks like roadkill? That's what your posts look like when you're impaired.

5: General Misconduct: The following are grounds for a warning or an outright ban (at the discretion of the Mods and Admins): Lying, posting offensive material, insulting other users, (what have I left out here?)

6: No Flaming! Goes along with point #3. If you don't like somebody's truck, make a suggestion on how to make it better. "That's a POS" is not a constructive comment, nobody wants to see it, and such posts will be deleted. Likewise, flaming other members is grounds for an immediate lifetime ban. This includes virtually all uses of the word "gay" or "ghey".

7: This Ain't A Democracy! The rules are the rules, and if you can't play nice, you won't play at all. We don't get a kick out of banning people, but we'll do it to make the site a better place.

8: We reserve the right to place your posts on Mod/Admin approval, meaning your posts will not appear until they have been approved by a Mod or Admin. If you behave, we'll take you off. If you don't, we'll ban you. Look at it this way: it's better than being banned.

9: Think before you Post. Yes, we chit-chat a lot, and we give each other quite a hard time sometimes, but there are lines we don't cross. If you think about what you're saying, everyone will be happier.

10: No Software Sharing: Anyone who offers to, or solicits offers to, share or copy any copyrighted software, music or video, will be banned. We're not going to lose our forum because you don't feel like paying for a copy of Grand Theft Auto.

Thank you, Scale4x4RC Staff

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