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Action Gallery Show off your action pics!

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Old 08-10-2006, 02:06 PM
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Default Scale 4x4 R/C Gallery

Scale 4x4 R/C is pleased to announce a new feature available to our members. For just $10 you can get 10mb of space in our Gallery to post photos of your r/c's etc.

To purchase your gallery, go into your UserCP (link at top of forums) and look towards the bottom for Paid Subscriptions. It's in the Miscellaneous group. There you'll be able to purchase your gallery through Paypal. Just select the 30 year option, it's the longest the board will let the subscription run! Rest assured it's a one time payment though.

To set up your Gallery follow these instructions.
Here's a quick guide to setting up galleries and uploading pictures to them.

First, go to www.scale4x4rc.org/gallery. You should be already logged into the gallery, your username will show up top. If not, log in using your same username and password used to access the forums.

Once logged in, there will be 4 buttons at the top of the page. Click the one that says "Create/order my albums". A list of your albums will show here. It will of course be empty, so hit the "New" button. Type the name you want for it in the field below the list, and hit "Apply Modifications". You may get a popup confirmation dialog, if so confirm that you want to make the changes. A new page opens telling you that the changesd are made, hit "Continue". You may repeat the process to create as many galleries as you'd like.

To upload pictures, hit the "Upload File" link in the top list of links. Select the files to upload and hit "Continue". A page will open confirming that your files were uploaded, hit "Continue". Now you'll be presented with each file you just uploaded, one at a time. For each one, you'll need to select which of your albums you want to place it into, give it a title, and fill out the file description to let people know what they are looking at. You can also enter keywords to help people find your pictures when searching the Gallery. When you're done hit "Continue". The next file will be presented to you, repeat the process for all the files you've uploaded. When you're finished with all the pictures, you'll get a page confirming that all files were placed into the albums you selected. Hit "Continue".

That's it! Your almbums should be there with your pictures in them. Click on "User Galleries" in the catagories section of the main page, you will see a list of users that have created albums there. Your username should be there, click the thumbnail above it. There you will see a list of your albums to browse. You will also see some added buttons when viewing your own albums that you can use to manage them. They should be pretty much self explanatory. There's an FAQ that will offer some added tips and solutions to the most common problems as well.

If you'd like to link directly to your gallery, just click the thumbnail for your name in the User Categories section, and you'll see the list of albums you've created. Copy the URL in the address bar of your web browser. That's the URL to get directly to your albums. You can also open each individual album and copy that URL as well if you'd like to link to a specific one.

Click the "My Gallery" link at the top of the page when logged in. You'll see the list of your albums. Look for the album that contains the files you want to move/delete. Click the "Edit Files" button next to it. You'll get a list of each file in that album.
To delete files, find the thumbnail for the file/files to delete, and check the "Delete File" box for that file. When done checking all the files to be deleted, click "Apply Modifications" at the bottom of the page. You're taken back the the list again, and the files you selected should be gone now.
To move a file to another album (Note-You'll have to creat the albums prior to moving the files to them), find the file/files you'd like to move, and select the album you want to move it to in the drop down menu for that file. When done, click "Apply Modifications" at the bottom of the page. You'll be taken back the the list of files for this album, and the files you selected to move are now gone. They should be in the album you selected from the list.
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Old 08-10-2006, 02:43 PM
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I thought it was worthy of being a sticky

Anyone can view the galleries, just click the Gallery link at the top of the page, and decide if you'd like to have one of your own. Or just at all the sweet rigs in there.
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It is fun. The failures are just practice.
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