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Old 11-30-2019, 09:07 AM
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Hate RTR cars, these should be banned!!!!
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Default The nut got a new old daily driver.

My 01' Ford Mondeo estate (Contour) failed the MOT or tech inspection if you will in September.

Main problems was rust in the front floor both sides and failing the emissions.
The other problems were minor ish, like worn driver seat belt, worn headlights and sticky caliper.
I could have fixed the problems with ease ish, had most of the parts laying around, but with my continuing helt issues (mainly myalgic encephalomyelitis - fatigue syndrome with many bi effects) and a very thin wallet, there was beginning to come faults more and more often.
And for a 1.8 petrol it was not cheap to run.
It also needed at least 1 new winter tire (really needed here in scandinavia) as one of the old one colapsed last winter due age.
There was also plenty of rust spots and flaking paint so it did not look that great, so it looked a lot more tired than it really was.
Good points were, good to drive, heated windscreen, really good heater, good seats, driver position really suited me, good glass and really big space in the boot.

Here my mate comes into picture that works at the local Volvo dealership.
He is also on of my Capri mates (he got a concourse on-off Capri and I got to lend his spare Capri 2.8i for most of the late summer and atumn.

Well, at the Volvo they got a 04' Volvo V40 1.6 petrol in part exchange.
And my mate immediatley was thinking of me when he saw it.

To make a long story short, he bought the Volvo for me (I got no funds right now), did a technical inspection and it needed only new front disc's and pads, resurface the rear brakes and pads (was new not long ago but have been stod over the summer) and new 3 brake lines had to be made.
The rest was just minor with a couple of blown bulbs needed replacing along the reverse switch.
Sailed through the MOT inspection (150 points, called PKK here - periodic vehicle control that is needed every second year to be allowed to drive the vehicle)

So here I present my 500 euro 04' Volvo V40 Phase 2 1.6 manual.
The car has done 229.000km (141k miles) so plenty of life left.
It also came with allmost new winter and summer tires, the winter tires have been really great so far.

The only thing I've done so far is changed the blown outer park bulbs in the taillights and a couple of days ago I bought some Castrol engine oil as the service is due.
Have also ordered bulbs for both the light switch and the climate controls that have blown, which is a common thing with these.
Bulb size is Neo Wedge 4.2mm for those want to know.

And via a local guy on selling site I've got hold of a orginal roof spoiler that I will pick up next week.
These seems a bit naked without the roof spoiler.

Oh, and I bought a antenna whip as this was missing when I bought it.

Down side so far is there is only front speakers installed in this from factory, and they have a where thin sound to them, even with the bass and treble etc adjusted.
I'm going to add speakers to the C pillar as there is already space and wire for them.
Some of these even had a bass box in the right side of the luggage compartment, I may add one at later stage to get some depth in the sound.

Another down side is the steering wheel is only adjustable up and down, and it sits a bit into the dashboard.
I would really like the seat one click backwards to straighten out my legs some more, but then the steering wheel is too far away from me.
I'm bit longish with 6.04, long legs and normal arm lengths.
If I can find I would really like to add a 1/2" spacer to the steering wheel.
Or just go ahead and mounting a deep dish aftermarket one.
But I can not seem to locate a steering boss for these, not can I find if there is any other that can fit this vehicle.
I've seen some fit a Miata one, but not which spec or year.
Some of them will rub the steering column.

So far it has not been the cheapest one to run, but a lot better than my previous Mondeo.

Oh and there is no heated windscreen on these, so below freezing it takes a while before you can drive off.
Here the windscreen need to be clear or you may risk loosing your license.

I find the interior a bit dark, but with help of leds, I think it may help.
Think I need to fit led or something around the ignition barrel as I really struggle to find it when it's dark.
May also add a 12v socket with litghts around it as the standard one is not lit up at all.

When I got I spent about a day to clean it inside, doing a little by little over 4-5 days as the weather was not cooperatig.

A couple of persons have been with me in the car and they can not belive it's a 500 Euro car.
Car feels tight with no rattling or anything, soack up bumps very well.
It also haleps there is no dents in the body, just a big one at right sill so the orginal side skirt is missing on that side.
Also one of the things I want to track down and fit.

Oh it also have part leather seats, which is nice. Downside, they are a bit short on the leg side.
Other than that they are okay.

In the spring I will clean it properly on the outside and restore the side trims to black again, or repaint them if they are too gone.
Very common on Volvo's that the plastic trims are turning grey over the years.

Other than that my plan is to maintain and drive it
And to keeping it at a budget.
Current gas cost is about 6.95 for a gallon of 95 octane fuel, so not cheap to drive around here..
95 is the lowest rating of octane here.
R.I.P Ole (8th Oct 2012)

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Old 12-13-2019, 03:57 PM
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Hate RTR cars, these should be banned!!!!
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Only things I've done so far is driving and washing it and replaced a couple of blown tailgate bulbs.

But I have:

#Ordered led bulbs for the light switch and climate control panel.
#Bought Castrol oil and filter for the next service.
#Bought a secondhand tailgate spoiler.

The tailgate spoiler needs a respray since it's silver, but it's a orginal spoiler from Phase 2 which I have.

So far it's been good.
Also got to test the cargo area last week as I collected some windows for a mate who are building a 4 car garage with apartment.
No problem carry 3 windows with frame even with my toolbox in the boot.

Still on the lookout for the missing right hand side skirt.
But so far the only who has them is a couple of junkyards on either side of the country (I'm located in the middle of the south coast).
Maybe a roadtrip in the spring time...
R.I.P Ole (8th Oct 2012)
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Old 12-13-2019, 06:27 PM
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Nice score!
I've had a 97 and a 98, both great cars when they were running good.
Check when the timing belt was last done, I forget what Volvo's are specifically, but I think about 100k miles.
Bite my shiny metal (Aooohga)!
R.I.P. www.varcoffroaders.com
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Old 12-14-2019, 05:00 PM
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Hate RTR cars, these should be banned!!!!
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Thank you

Volvo recomends the timing belt on the 1.6 to be changed at 80k miles or 8 years, whichever comes first.
This vehicle has a service history up to 150k km (93k miles), so safe to say the timing belt has been change at least one time.
May be due soon as it has reached 229k km (142k miles), and 16 years, 8+8 would be 2020, actually this year as this was was registred Oct 03'.

Volvo also checked the VVT wheel when it was sold, and it passed with flying colors

Yes great little cars, but still find the steering wheel a bit too far away for my liking.
But I've found Luisi makes a steering boss for this car, so I may go that route.
Just have to add 1 more resistor than the boss kit provides as they are needed for Phase 2 cars.
A sporty steering wheel will make the driving so much pleasant for me, and I have no intension to chrash

Just buggers me that my health is not as good as I hoped it to be.
Can't do a thing when I'm dizzy and have no energy.

Other than that most things are ok.

Oh, forgot I want a lockable fuel cap since these cars are missing those.
You never know when someone wants to steal your fuel.
And fuel are not cheap here at around 6.75 pr gallon.

Any pictures of your previous Volvo's Thorsteenster?
R.I.P Ole (8th Oct 2012)
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Old 12-17-2019, 12:25 PM
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Hate RTR cars, these should be banned!!!!
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I did actually do something today.

My instrument leds arrived today and was pronto installed.

Headlight switch before (all 3 bulbs blown)

After (pain to take pictures of)

Climate control before (2 of 3 bulbs blown)


The climate control was a bit pain, since there is really no space to get the unit out.
First you remove the knobs and then the panel on the control unit.
4 scews at each corner holds the unit in place.
Then you have to lift the vent section, at the same time you try to maneuver it clear of the slots on bottom and at top of the unit.
At the same time you have to bendt the lower radio facia without breaking anything.
And on the control unit there is a connecter on either side and a vent tube.

Fitting the bulbs on the light switch was a breeze.
On the climate control unit, not so much.
I ended up taking off the back panel and using a plier to get the new ones in.
The new bulbs have a very shallow slot for a screwdriver, non of my screwdrivers really worked and they looked like a beaver had a party when I was done
I'm glad I ordered 10 leds as one went missing and one was destroyed.
On the light swtch I manage to fit two of the bulbs the correct way round, on the climate control, all 3 was fitted the wrong way round the first time lol.
That's why you test before putting it all back

For now I use these cheap leds, but later I want to order some good ones.
Have found a site with loads to choose from, both regular bulbs and led bulbs.

Volvo ones are short Neo Wedge 4.2 for the healight switch and long ones for the climate control.
The are very expensive for what the are, over 10 bucks each at the Volvo counter desk.
Volvo use a regular glas bulbs with a blue rubber hat on them.
I may try to use the blue hats on the new bulbs in the light switch as they are a bit too bright and the climate control has about the color and shiny of what they should look like.

At least I can see the controls now

But one strange thing happend during the installment today.
Due the coldness here today I kept the engine running to get some heat (no garage), and after a while the engine suddenly got to about 4k rpm for 5-10 seconds or so.
A few minutes later the engine died and would not run on idle and nor at any rpm after a few atempts.

I rang my Volvo mate and he told me to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and then try.
The battery was then re-connected and the engine did run sweet as a pie.

Hmmm, strange.....
Maybe my engine don't like to run on idle for a longer period of time.
Plenty of fuel, charging works and no engine codes so it work as it should.

But happy it just was something happen once for a strange reason.

Next will be getting the roof spoiler ready for paint.

Oh it has been winter here and it works good on snow and ice, even with the cheap winter tires fitted.
Picture from Sunday

R.I.P Ole (8th Oct 2012)

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Old 12-21-2019, 01:37 PM
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Hate RTR cars, these should be banned!!!!
Join Date: Oct 2005
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C'mon Photobucket, fix our pictures!!!!!!

One minor issue I have with this car, is when I plant the throttle, the engine rocks back in their front and rear engine mount.
Don't know which one is the most worn, but I guess it's the rear one.
Upon searching for engine mounts, I've found these:


Orginal or OEM mounts cost more than those above, and since they are bit known to get worn after I while, I think I get the poly ones.
And since the ones above have slots in them, they are not as harsh as solid items.

The cheap led bulbs in the last section, turned out not to last very long.
One has a intermittent problem and firstly flicker for a while before it goes dark about 5-10 min drive..
A second led is slighty less bright as the other ones, and I guess that one is on its way out as well.

So later I need some new dashboard bulbs, but are not paying 15 bucks pr bulb from Volvo, so I need better quality but with a less costly price tag.
While I was searching high and low about dashboard bulbs I stumbled on a link to this site:


Site is looking a bit suspect, bit those who has bought from this site says they have no complains.
And they have a massive selection of each type of bulbs, both led and Incandescent.
In my case I need New Wedge 4.2, commenly refered to as a T4 bulb (has a 10mm base and 90 degree twist lock.
Sees plenty of vehicles use that bulb, but there is not much info out there.
I know Volvo, Saab, Jeep among others use these, depending on year and model.

Hope the last link will help others too if you are looking for automotive bulbs of any type.
You just need to know what to look for
R.I.P Ole (8th Oct 2012)
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Old 01-06-2020, 02:59 PM
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Hate RTR cars, these should be banned!!!!
Join Date: Oct 2005
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Just for the logbook sake, I changed engine oil on Saturday at 230k km.
I bought some Castrol 10w40 at Black week, think it's sligtly too thick for our weather as the car now feels a bit slower and sluggish than before.

1.6 will never be a rocket, but you deffo feel 0.5-1 sec longer 0-60 times if you have driven a lot.
I will go back to recomended 0w30 when funds allows.

On the led side of things, 2 bulbs are now blown, so yes I need to replace those as well.
But for 4 bucks, it was worth to try
R.I.P Ole (8th Oct 2012)
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