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VARCOR Virginia Radio Control Off Roaders

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Old 11-12-2009, 02:34 AM
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Default Invitation to the first Trucking and scale 4WD event in Danville,VA

Invitation to the first Trucking and scale 4WD event in Danville,VA , Thanksgiving weekend Nov2009

Howdy guys ,
My name is Willy from www.CustomRCmodels.com
Back in 2005 I was referred by Patrick to join this forum ,
and back then I was doing some postings but was absent now for several years .

there is a large indoor R/C tank-battle-field ( 6000 square feet ) at the AAF-Tank-Museum in Danville , VA .

I am very active involved with these events ,
and we are starting a new R/C venue for trucks and scale 4x4ís .
from the first time going there ( back in 2003 ) I always thought that would be also an awesome playground for our trucks.
Right away I had to build my first tank-transporters and 6WD semi-trucks.

Now after a few years I have several of our tanker-guys hooked on to our semi-tractors
as well scale 4x4ís and crawlers as well the good old Tamiya collector cars .
And since I been running my trucks during our tank-battle-events ,
We are finally doing our first trucking-event this coming Thanksgiving weekend .
Yeah , I know , maybe not such a great choice as a date ,
But this was a quick decision we just made during our last battle-event this past weekend.
This time Doug and myself run several of our 4x4ís and crawlers ,
Check out these photos and videos :
4wheeling in Danville Nov 2009

So now I am wondering who of you guys would be able to come to Danville , VA
during this weekend of the 27,28,29 Nov 2009 ( Friday morning till Sunday afternoon )

we are planning to run the semi-tractors and any other vehicles , like scale 4WDís ,
rock-crawlers and or the good old Tamiya collector cars like Bruisers and Blackfoots ,
anything within the 1/18 to 1/10 scale ( just to come up with a rough range of scale )

check out more the details I have posted here :
all-wheel-drive and trucking events in Danville

it gives you also several links with photos and videos to give you guys a better idea what this awesome indoor playground is all about .

I am real excited about this , since itís truly an awesome indoor setup .
My buddy Doug Gasser from the Museum is working hard at the moment on some changes to the battlefield to make it even more trucker-friendly Ö

Besides the field itself , we have also the option to setup besides the field .
This Museum is huge and there is more when enough space to run our trucks
and do off-the-field setups , like warehouses and such , like I been doing during our past battle-events .

We want to start a few new R/C venues at this Museum , most likely it will be in future separated semi-truck and construction vehicles , scale 4WDís and rock-crawler events ,
But since we donít know yet the turn-around ,
We like to invite anybody with or without R/C vehicles to come this weekend and be part of the fun and action Ö

So how about it ?
Anybody up for this ?

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Old 11-12-2009, 07:21 AM
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Hey Willy, glad to see you on here!
After finding your site several years ago I still reference it and send people there for info.
Sounds like a good time, I will also post this up on our clubs forum.
Bite my shiny metal (Aooohga)!
R.I.P. www.varcoffroaders.com
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Old 11-12-2009, 07:32 AM
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Default 213 miles is doable...

I live in Wilmington NC,if it was on a different weekend id be there.Maybe a road trip is in the makings in the future nice site BTW..
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