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KingCobra A Compilation of all Tim's builds

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Old 12-18-2008, 05:16 PM
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Stay strong and positive! You can beat this! You have the thoughts of all of us on the board!
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Old 12-20-2008, 05:43 PM
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thank you again
Old 01-05-2009, 05:01 PM
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Wow KC, I am sorry to hear this.
Keep fighting and keep believing. If you believe you can win then you can.

Team Holmes Hobbies
Old 01-05-2009, 07:44 PM
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KC, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your fam as well. I just lost my Grandmother Xmas day to lung cancer. The only positive side is that she lived almost ten years with after treatment before she relasped then another couple years after that. My Grandfather who was sick passed away Dec 19th so my Grandma was obviously just waiting on him. So at least they are together for always now. But cancer can be beat and nothing is better than having a good spirit and some good friends to help you through. Best of luck.
Old 01-05-2009, 08:58 PM
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wow KC this is horrible..has puttin me in tears.. i have ALWAYS gotton inspiration from you espeicially that SSMT jeep you made. that made me pay 110 for SSMT axles. lol that blazer made my jaw drop. but back to the point every one has already said what i was gonna say so here: QUOTE EVERYONE THAT HAS REPLIED TO YOU!!!! lol here is the little cachty thing i made from your name KC: KILLING CANCER!!!!!
GET BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my prayers are with you!
Old 01-05-2009, 09:12 PM
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Get well soon KC,I look forward to your amazing builds
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Old 01-06-2009, 03:49 AM
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Have you tried any sort of weight gaining liquids or protein shakes? How is your appetite? Would you try marijuana? There is no medical weed where you are at, but I am sure someone can find some and that might help you a little.

Are you getting vitamins etc? What is your diet like? There are a lot of alternative approaches out there. I don't know what they are right now, but you need to find out.

You've got to fight it, mentally and physically. How old are you?

I would get another opinion if you can. I don't know where you can find that, but there might be some expert doctor out there or clinic that can better handle this disease for you.
Old 01-06-2009, 08:36 AM
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WOW KC.....

all i can say is .....you can beat this! I typically can go on and on with my posts, ramblings, ect., but right now, i can't muster the words.

You ever feel like it gets to be too much, or the days get a bit longer than you'd like, I know I speak for a lot of us when I say- gimme a call man!



Hang in there, buddy.
Old 01-06-2009, 04:22 PM
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thank you guys... here's a little update...

I finally started back at work on monday ( doing my best to not let this cancer get the best of me ) and I would give ANYTHING to have some more strength... this chemo makes you extremely weak ( just climbing up into my work truck is a task) but I'm trying to overcome the side effects and get on with my life somehow... I go for one more treatment on the 14th... then on the 17th they run a test to see if all this chemo has done anything to either cure or curb my cancer... I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a miracle that somehow... someway they are able to tell me that god has removed every last bit of my cancer and is going to give me another chance to get my life in order and try to be the person he expected me to be when he created me 36 years ago. I know it's a lot to hope for... but I put my faith in him and I'm laying this in his hands. so may his will be done. please continue to keep me in your prayers and thoughts... and thank you all for your incredible support during this very difficult time in my life.
Old 01-06-2009, 04:25 PM
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Stay strong Tim. We're all pulling for ya
Originally Posted by stevehuckss396 View Post
It is fun. The failures are just practice.
Old 01-08-2009, 12:37 PM
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Thanks for the update Tim. Please let us know how your tests come back that way we can be here for you. I am going to say another prayer a little later for you. Keep you head up and keep that positive outlook going. The mind can help you overcome many things. Prayers don't hurt either.

Old 01-08-2009, 01:17 PM
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Hang in there

My father suffers presently from Acid reflux and Nasal polyps - this much is bad enough as he cannot sleep at night, and has to sit upright to even try to sleep as he simply cannot lie down and breath well.

These symptoms are bad enough without Cancer and Chemotherapy so I really sympathise with your plight and hope you can get back fightning fit ASAP.

Old 01-08-2009, 02:39 PM
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Keep fighting and you can beat it.
You continue to be in out thoughts and prayers.
All the best to you and your family.
Old 01-08-2009, 03:15 PM
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Stay strong Tim! We're behind you with whatever you need.
Originally Posted by toyranosaur View Post
(Brrrrrraaaappffffffsssshhhhhh(squeak)tttthhhhhhhh pppppppt!) Chris
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Old 01-08-2009, 03:52 PM
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no need to ask us to keep you in our prayers cause you are always there. you just keep your focus possitive, and the rest will follow.
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