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R/C's For the Sea Ships, Boats, Subs! If it belongs in the water put it here!

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Old 10-13-2016, 02:14 PM
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Not so much a thread just happy to show off one of my favorite RC's!

I love this boat and not because it's fast (by today's standards it certainly isn't) but for what it is. It's a very realistic looking boat (Chaparral) and performs just fine in all types of water. Does especially well in chop. Even handles white caps without a hiccup. I love that it doesn't look like a generic race boat.
When it came in on consignment at my local hobby shop I grabbed it the instant I saw it. No damage and clean as a whistle, hardly used.

I ran it at the lake and was more than happy that my new purchase performed flawlessly and looked great (to me anyway) on the water. It didn't quite have the presence or pop if you will, that I like in my stuff.

So, it needed a paint job! My previous full size boat had a large band of metallic red in the side panel and the way it sparkled when the sun reflected off the water was something to see. The boat was taken down, scuffed and epoxy primed. three levels of wet sanding, primed again and sanded again. Got to have a smooth base! Next on went three coats of a rich metallic red, wet sanded and two coats of clear...yep sanded too. The interior was painted in a medium gloss pure white to contrast the red. Only other mod to the boat was the addition of a 2.4 receiver/radio to do away with the bulky antenna (done after the pics). Let a little creativity out and modified the decals so it still uses the factory ones just different positions. After a buff and a sealer I got a boat that looks even better on the water and something unique without going overboard (sorry, couldn't resist!).

As purchased...


Painted and on the water (decals changed slightly after this outing)...

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