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Land Rover Defender 90 Print E-mail
Written by Keith   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010

We've all seen them before, the awesome Land Rover Defender hard bodies! Having just completed one myself, I can attest to how nice they really are. One of the most frequently asked questions I see about them, is where to get them and how much! ;) Hopefully this article will help point some of you in the right direction. :)

The best place to look is here -

You can buy the direct from Peter, with all the accessories and decals for $49 plus shipping. (shipping is listed on his ad there for different parts of the world)

You get the body itself molded in white plastic, all the lights, lenses, bumpers, grill, windows, etc., and the decal sheet with various logos and emblems to finish it up. You also get a full interior as well.

These bodies were origionally intended for use on toy R/C cars, but many have used them for custom builds with great success! If you want a bolt-together solution, RC4WD has the answer. Their Geolande chassis kit is a direct fit for this body. There's also a cross-promotion going on, if you buy the body from Peter, RC4WD will give you a $30 discount on the chassis kit.

Here's a few details on my D90 that I just finished literally a few days ago...

I started out with the bare body, donated by RC4WD . (thanks!) I decided to use a chassis I had here which is one that came from Chris at Rogue Element . It's an awesome chassis! I gave a few dimensions, he did the rest and made it look really cool in the process! It's my favorite... ;)

I have it set up with TRex 60 axles from RC4WD, and a Duratrax transmission from an old Evader stadium truck. Tires are RC4WD Rock Stompers, wheels are plastic Land Rover wheels, also sold by Peter.

Here's how it looks. (note, the body given to me by RC4WD was molded in the dark gray plastic, not the white that will come from Peter)

So with the body mounts made, wheel base adjusted, etc., it was time to start finishing the body iteself. Here's the first coat of paint... I chose to use Krylon Fusion paint, a few people that used it on these bodies said it works well, and it's readily available. For the main color I chose "Satin Burgandy".

With the main color done, it was time to paint the details. I used "Satin Black" to paint the fender flares, window trim, etc. The door handles, grill, etc. will come plated with chrome. I wanted them black, so I removed the chrome first, then painted them with the same satin black paint. To remove the chrome, soak the parts in regular household bleach for a few minutes. You can literally watch the chrome disappear in front of your eyes! A few more minutes will get all the little nooks and crannies.

I also added a neat little license plate and aluminum frame, also from Rogue Element.

I made some little steel brackets to hold the front bumper as well. It mounts to the same two screws that bolt the front of the body to the frame, so it's quite sturdy. You can see the screws just below the front grill.

Then I started work on the interior. I wasn't sure I'd have enough room to squeeze it all in there with the transmission mounted where it was, but it works. I did have to cut away a lot of the floor board in the front, and box it in later. I also cut the back half off behind the front seats, and built my own interior for the back end. I'll finish detailing those later to look like custom tool boxes or something similar.

Here's the front in place, with the floor cut away to clear the spur gear and battery.

...and the rear section boxed in:


...and finally, the floor board boxed in to cover everything, and the floor shifts mounted. :)

So all that's left at that point is to place the last of the decals, and go drive the thing! :)

Here's some finished pictures:

RC4WD also makes a nice roll cage that bolts onto the body. I really like the looks, and am seriously considering picking one up myself.

There are many really nice builds on the forums as well. Search the 1.9 Scale Trucks section! Of course if you would like to link to you build from this article, contact me and I'll add it!

Again, here are the links mentioned in the article:

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