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Letís meet one of our Top Builds Print E-mail
Written by Harry Hughes   
Friday, 23 October 2015

Scale 4x4 Presents

Let’s meet one of our Top Builds

The scale RC hobby has come a very long way in the last dozen or so years. There once was a time where if you wanted something and it wasn’t available, you made it yourself. MrMunster had a desire to have a mini version of his 1:1 Series III Land Rover and took scale building to an all new level. From the hand formed aluminum panels, to the 1mm screws fastening body panels together, this build is nothing short of spectacular. He has real glass windows that slide, doors that open and close, and unlike most real Land Rovers, this one works.
MrMunster’s Land Rover build is one of the reasons we have the Top Builds Section and we are pleased to say that his build can now be found here.
Hand formed aluminum body

Yes, that is a working door latch.

Scale dents as well

Won’t you come on in and take a look through this amazing build.

MrMunster’s Aluminum Series III Land Rover

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