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RC4WD 1.9 Mud Slinger Tires! Print E-mail
Written by The Sultan of Scale   
Friday, 22 June 2007

They’re finally here! RC4WD’s long-awaited 1.9 tires have arrived, and they were worth the wait.

Mud Slingers


The new Scale 4x4 Mud Slingers from RC4WD measure 3.7 inches x 1.4 inches , just a little taller than a stock Hi-Lift tire. The compound, however, is much softer, requiring the use of the included foam inserts to support the truck. The inserts can of course be trimmed if you desire a softer, more conforming tire. However, the foams are nice and soft and seem to be “just right” with a good mix of support and flex.


The carcass is much more flexible than Tamiya rubber. Without the foams, you’ll have flat tires. Hua’s crew really got the flex dialed in on these.


The tall, aggressive lugs with side biters really dig into soft surfaces and have fantastic grip on rocks. These are easily the best 1.9-inch tires on the market today. RC4WD did a fantastic job on the mold, including many fine details that really make these tires stand out, and make your rig look its best.

Mud Slingers


Mounting was no problem. I tested the beads with a set of  HPI stock car wheels and Jakks Flywheels, and the tires conformed to every bead surface with no problems. I ended up using the Flywheels.


Some have argued that the lugs are too tall, and will squirm. There is a little squirm; these tires are much softer than other 1.9’s and would do so even if worn bald. Which I intend to do. With great looks and performance to match, you’re going to see a lot more of these tires.

Performance was off the chart. Everyone who saw them was really impressed at how well they dug in on every surface, from loose sand to slick rocks. And they sound great while they're scrabbling for traction, too. 

Priced at $14.95 a pair, the price is competitive with OEM Tamiya tires. But if you try some of these (or even see some in action) you’ll relegate all your Tamiya rubber to spare-wheel duty.


Another home run for RC4WD. Stu says check ‘em out.

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